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The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum is facilities where manage the enormous documents and save them and honoring Dr.Paul Rusch achievement. The administration is carried out by KEEP.
In 1996, The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum was built as the base where it widely introduces idea of Dr. Rusch's "Service to others" to Japan and the world of the 21st century.
We are opening to the public a house that Dr. Paul Rusch had actually lived in. Also we exhibit his office equipments and historical important documents in the Exhibition Hall.

Hours : 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
(The entrance is closed 30 minutes before a closing time)
Closed: Wednesdays (except during 18 July to 31 Aug.)
Admission: Adults \500, jr high & elementary \200
Group Visit: Over 20 people visiting are offerd special discount, please contacts us before you visit.
TEL: 0551-48-5330

The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum Area Map (click to enlarge)

The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum has two buildings. One is Paul Rusch's House that Dr. Paul Rusch had actually lived in. Another one is The Exhibition Hall which is displayed special exhibitation.
The Exhibition Hall
1. Entrance Hall
2. Exhibition Room
3. The Japan American Football Hall of Fame
4. Video Corner
5. Gift Shop
Paul Rusch's House
6. Living Room
7. Dining Room
8. Office
9. Bed Room

The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum prepares for a special program for groups.
All learning and studies are started from simple question "WHY?". The Paul Rusch Memorial Museum has alot of seeds of "WHY?" because people can see Dr. Rusch's meritorious deed about the history of the international exchange and its importance and the history of the reclamation of the cool altitudes. We help you finding a new phase of study.
Follows are parts of the example of study thema which had been enforced.
knowing the true international exchange
Understanding the history and a volunteer spirit of the reclamation in Kiyosato
Feeling a breath of the history of Dr. Rusch life at Poul Rasch House
Touching Japanese American football
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